Pearl Potion Necklace

Pearl Potion Necklace

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Wear the signature Potion Necklace for clarity of mind. This 3/4 inch tall handcrafted vial unscrews to reveal a tiny chamber within to encase your aromatherapy oil of choice. Infused with your favorite essential oil, it will defuse the scent all day long, calming your senses.

Attached to a 14k, 18' inch long adjustable “paper clip” chain, it is wearable at any length. Chain weighs 7 grams.

Purchase first with our signature chain, then add more potion vials (sold separately with clasp).

Available in a rainbow of colors to match your mood:

RED - Carnelian symbolizing Confidence, Vitality, & Motivation

PINK - Rose Quartz symbolizing Romance, Compassion, & Intimacy

DARK GREEN - Malachite symbolizing Transformation, Inspiration, & Strength

TRANSLUCENT GREEN - Green Agate symbolizing Happiness, Prosperity, & Wealth

BLUE - Lapis Lazuli symbolizing Wisdom, Clarity, & Enlightenment

PURPLE - Amethyst symbolizing Patience, Healing, & Peace

BROWN - Tigers Eye symbolizing Fortune, Success, & Optimism

WHITE - Pearl symbolizing Innocence, Imagination, & Purity

BLACK - Obsidian symbolizing Grounding, Protection, & Knowledge

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