Client Care


Avoid wearing your jewelry when cleaning, bathing, showering, swimming and particularly when going to the beach. It is also important that no chemicals, lotions or perfumes get in direct contact with the jewelry since harsh detergents can damage the gold. Avoiding this will protect your pieces and ensure longer wear.

Additionally, diamonds are naturally occurring hard stones but can get damaged when being knocked.


When your jewelry is not worn, keep the pieces in the KC Sukamto box or pouch, which you have received with your purchase. Try to make sure that the pieces are not touching to avoid tangling and scratching. For necklaces, it is always better to close them when they are being stored.


If your jewelry has been worn frequently, it tends to need a little clean. The best way to do this is with a toothbrush and warm soapy water. Pour some water into a container, apply a small amount of soap to the brush and simply start rubbing.